Amanda Leigh Cowley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 280

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?Gracie believed she was a regular girl living a regular life.She didn't know she possessed the power to infiltrate people’s minds.She didn't know that power would endanger her life.She didn’t know she would fall in love with her abductor.And she had absolutely no idea what a Soul Protector was…until now. “What a cracking book! Absolutely loved it! An exciting, interesting, fabulous, paranormal romance.” – Kim the Bookworm “The pacing of the story is swift and engaging, leading us through Gracie's personal tumults as she falls farther into the SP world where she belongs.” – Stephanie Judice, author of Rising“It has been a long time since I got so into a book that I had forgotten how it feels- I was going to bed an hour earlier to read it!” – S J Daley, London
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4 stars from 45 ratings Rating:
3.5 stars from 2 ratings