Eve Rabi
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 75

Put the beast behind bars? Take away his liberty, his life, for good? It would be an absolute pleasure; I despised the SOB that much! But then, I made a cardinal mistake; I got to know him. A grave mistake, because my lessons turned out to be profound. I learned that he was broken, scarred, with jagged edges. I learned that I was broken, scarred, with jagged edges too. I learned that yes, we were from different worlds, but we were both damaged goods intent on hurting each other, intent on wounding those around us. A perfect fit, we were. Just perfect. But … all that I learned came too late. For me, for us, way too late. Because once I got to know him, my heart ... my soul ... my life - I would sacrifice all of me for my beast. How could this not be tragic? "If you’re tired of vanilla romance, try this author! Her stories are off the charts and utterly addictive." Amazon reviewer. For ...
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