Stacey Hall
Publisher: Salty Peak Distribution
Pages: 273

Do you ever feel stressed to the snapping point?Do you feel as if your life is full of drama and chaos?Do you find your energy is often drained by others?Well, you're not alone. We each have the power to stay on or off-track to the achievement of our goals depending upon how we use our own life force energy (known as 'Chi').Inside this book, you will discover 11 proven, fast-acting tips and processes which regenerate energy and wellness - and bring life back into harmony. These simple, practical and economical tips (called 'Energy Surges') will support you in tapping deeper into your own plentiful supply of personal power from which to continually re-generate and sustain your passion for achieving your dreams and goals...especially the ONE goal that may seem the most out-of-reach and yet is the one most desired. Hall calls this ultimate goal the B-All (as in the 'Be-All, End-All'). BE ...
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