Joshua Hernandez
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 138

Let your mind wander through the doorways in your imagination. Just Before Dawn contains eight stories that will scare, amaze, excite the imagination and touch the heart and soul. With stories of horror, drama and fantasy there is something for readers of all kinds. Are you ready to delve into the deepest, farthest parts of the imagination? Get ready to go for a ride that will have you laughing, crying and screaming for more. A man looks at his reflection in the waters of a lake and wonders..."Who am I?" - The Existing of John BrownOne man's blog becomes his nightmare when he decides to end his own life - The Shadowed CornerA man who hasn't seen daylight in seven years shares his story...and his curse - Just Before DawnThe things in the spaces between light and dark break through the doors, and one man's sanity - LocksWhat happens when nothing is as it appears? Take a walk along ...
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