LT Ville
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 133

Take me to Bed is a collection of short stories. The major sex scenes in each story take place on a bed and the actions performed in those beds serve as a way to connect the stories. The stories are written from a romantic perspective and feature mostly vanilla sex. The stories may be bought as a collection or individually. The blurbs below describe each story in the order in which the story appears in the collection:Don’t You Want to Stay? – On a business trip to New York, Kirby finds a one night stand that he wasn’t looking for. What happens the morning after? Dear Elliot - Dante is a 6’3” straight-laced black guy and Elliot is a 5’2” white guy trying to change his life. They have nothing in common but that doesn’t stop them from seeing where their mutual attraction could lead.Consolation - Cali has always gone for the guy he couldn't have, but what happens when he ...
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