Nao Hauser
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 336

"It's a serious spoof, an entertaining tale with solid, sobering advice," wrote Joan Baum in her review in East Hampton's "The Independent" of Bronoff's Rules, a comic novel about playing the market and American life. Bronoff's Rules opens with the release of notorious insider trader Sam Bronoff from a federal pen where he spent five years. Assigned to do community service teaching English to immigrants, Bronoff shares a hot stock tip that leads him on a path of hilarious mayhem through New York's landscape of media, politics, Wall Street, and the social whirl of the rich and striving.Bronoff's Rules moves with cinematic pacing and vividness into the deepest humor of the human condition. You can't help laughing out loud--at the infuriating hypocrisy of Bronoff's brother-in-law, the dead-on savvy of his estranged wife, the pretensions of Wall Street's finest, the hopes of all the ...
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