Mr. Modem
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 34

Eight-time author, syndicated columnist and publisher of the award-winning Mr. Modem's Weekly Computer-Help Newsletter (, Mr. Modem, shares 50 of his all-time favorite computing tips in this first-in-a-series e-book. Whether you're new to computing or a PC veteran, if you enjoy forehead-smacking, “I-never-knew-that!” life-altering (okay, maybe that's pushing it) computing tips, this is a series you will not want to miss! Included are tips about Windows, Word, OpenOffice, Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Windows Mail, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPads, iPods, iPhones, iStrain, Kindle, desktop and laptop computers, printers, Facebook, Bluetooth, WiFi, smartphones, intellectually challenged phones, keystroke shortcuts, monitors, and much, much more, all presented in Mr. M's uniquely entertaining, informative, easy-to-understand style.
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