Humphrey Quinn
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 177

Two terrifying choices—save someone you love, or save the world? After escaping through another magical portal a gruesome discovery is made: a devastated and smoldering habitat with belongings strewn about and ruined. Just one thing is missing…all the people...An investigation commences, and everyone is on high alert. With each new detail they uncover, the more perilous the situation becomes, and soon, they find themselves fugitives with no place to run from a dark magic too powerful to fight. Tensions heighten when Meghan Jacoby discovers that her brother's dream girl may be the key to ending this new dark power—she might even be the very threat causing it! At risk—the life of her brother versus the future of the entire world. It leaves Meghan with two terrifying choices: Expose this evil and save Colin, the ultimate betrayal he'll never forgive because he'll lose the dream ...
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4.5 stars from 106 ratings Rating:
5 stars from 4 ratings