Christie Rich
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 317

Rayla Tate should not exist…Born from an unlikely union, Rayla is an Elemental with prophetic mystical powers she doesn’t know she possesses. After her mother disappears, leaving her with an overbearing aunt, she never feels like she fits in at home or at school. But Rayla has dreams she would do anything to achieve, even if she has to lie to do it.When Rayla cooks up a daring deception with her best friend and leaves her sleepy little town for the first time, she draws the attention of the Wild Hunt–an ancient Fae tradition, meant to crown a new ruler. Only the strongest get the honor, and now, five royal warriors crave Rayla’s unusual power. In fact, they’ll do anything to possess it, including following her to an all-girls college where she should be safe.Rayla has never been in more danger, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll find herself, her dreams, and maybe even her ...
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