Joanne Lewis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 263

As her son Rory turns 16, Archer anticipates his breakdown. Her fears are confirmed when she receives a call that Rory is drunk at school. His behaviors escalate and lead him to his biological mother. As Archer joins Rory on his journey toward self-knowledge, she learns that neither she nor Rory need to be victims of his dual mental health diagnosis of bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome.Archer and Rory live in a small town in Maine. Rory has been a difficult child since he was adopted by Archer and her now ex-husband, Wayne. Archer's life had been hijacked by Rory's needs while Wayne chose to leave the relationship and Maine for several years. Archer has felt victimized by Rory's disabilities and blames them for her inability to date, to pursue her career and other interests. Rory acts several years younger than his chronological age. He is charming, sensitive to everyone except ...
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