Mr. Modem
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 54

In Volume 5 of this sweeping epic, we pick up where we left off with Harry, and his friends Hermione and Ron. Lord Voldemort is back again -- no, wait. That's Harry Potter, not Mr. Modem. Sorry. I get confused. That darned J.K. Rowling stopped by again last night to mooch a few more writing tips, and I keep telling her to forget about this silly Harry Potter nonsense because it will never sell. The big money is in computing tips. Everybody knows that.So with that thought in mind, Volume 5 of Mr. Modem's Top 50 Computing Tips comes roaring back with another 50 fantastic, sensational, amazing, exceptional, incredible, outstanding, phenomenal, terrific, and downright helpful computing tips!Included in this e-tome are tips about alleviating computing stress, Word formatting, Boolean operators for more effective searches, a covey of iPad tips, Facebook tips, tips about Wndows XP, Vista and ...
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