John Schwartz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 337

In The Shadow of Babylon is a mythical story incorporating parables handed down over several millennia. The demands of our modern multitasking lives often distract us from applying these proven life lessons that create a more satisfying, happy and fulfilled life. It is an intriguing myth with a powerful philosophical core that speaks to the importance of ... creating ones own destiny through visualization ... living in the present moment ... controlling emotions and eliminating grief and sadness. Baghdad is in chaos. Sunni and Shia, free from the dictator Hussein, revive their religious hatred. Then, without warning, the children of Iraq rise up in protest against the killings. In the Shadow of Babylon is a powerful story from the past and how its message changes the present. During the reign of the last ruler of Babylon, Saddam Hussein, a crypt lined with engraved gold panels ...
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