Robb Moffett
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 101

Dear Reader,When I wrote this little book years ago, it was surprisingly, one of the happier times in my life. I say surprisingly because the company I had worked at for 17 years had gone out of business, and I was unexpectedly without any job or income. I also had little or no chance of finding a position that would allow me to use my old job skills.What to do?.... Well, I went back to school, and I had a ball. To help pay the bills I began buying local items and re selling them on a wonderful brand new Internet site called eBay using a $69 WEBTV to access the web. Soon, I had a route of thrift stores that I went to every Tuesday and loaded up my old Toyota TERCEL with treasures to resell that week on line. I also became an expert at discovering all the local auctions where I could find amazing bargains to resell.After about a year, I found I was paying nearly all my bills by selling ...
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