Lori Leger
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 524

Two men want her. One of them wants her dead.Carrie Jeansonne is juggling a new career in road design, three teenagers at home, and a disgruntled ex-husband. She longs for stability—what she gets is anything but. A series of increasingly threatening phone calls has her wondering if it’s her ex, or somebody more dangerous.Sam Langley is still smarting from his own divorce and grouchy as hell because of it. After an initial clash with his new co-worker, their icy disregard for each other evolves into friendship. Eventually, the surveyor realizes he wants to be somebody she turns to for all her needs. In a situation engulfed by complications and danger, Sam’s challenges are to keep Carrie close and safe. Her teens are a threat to one. A sadist is a threat to the other.
Amazon Rating:
5 stars from 59 ratings
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5 stars from 3 ratings