Deborah Hainley Bonnar
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 234

The conclusion of "Sarah's Story" is a roller coaster ride of thrilling battles and romantic interludes as readers accompany Sarah on her journey to becoming a "Wise Woman".Sarah has paid her dues but continues learning many difficult lessons as she wields the magic she was born to practice. She assists Silvanus in hunting down the evil entity that so brutally assaulted her at the end of "Mother" but is unprepared for the true nature of the gods and goddesses whose aid she enlisted. Wiccan readers may well question the wisdom of attempting to "draw down the moon" following Sarah's traumatic interaction with Hecate.As her children grow towards maturity, Sarah approaches her final crossroad. Will she remain human, aging as her immortal lover cannot or will she embrace her own darkness and leave those she loves best for the one who has possessed her heart since the age of 13?
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