Lawrence Bohme
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Pages: 152

Author Lawrence Bohme has been illustrating his own books and making pen-and-ink postcards for over 30 years, and on three different continents. His original drawings have been sold in book and card shops in New York, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, as well as published in his own travel books and memoirs. At last he has brought together over 100 postcards of the life and scenes of famous cities and little-known villages alike in a single volume, with a running narrative that tells about the subject of each drawing and how the artist's nomadic life led him to travel to it.About the author…Lawrence Bohme was born in 1942 in London, to an English mother and a German refugee father, emigrating to Vancouver, Canada, after the war. At age 14, Lawrence travelled to Mexico with his mother, who wanted to become a painter. It was in Mexico City that Lawrence learned to speak the first of his current ...
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