Kurt Brindley
Publisher: PROSOCHĒ
Pages: 197

Boot Camp didn’t join the navy to die, he joined to become a sailor, a real sailor, and to do all those things that real sailors are known to do.But after reporting to his first duty station, a laid-up warship filled with a disgruntled crew who welcomes him aboard with a brutal hazing and violent displays of intolerance and harassment, Boot Camp learns the hard way that to be a real sailor, you sometimes have to put yourself into harm’s way to defend what you believe in.However, after his only true shipmate---an eccentric nonconformist who, himself, had to overcome intolerance and harassment---is discharged from the navy, Boot Camp is left on his own to face the discrimination and dangers that await him. Alone, he has to find the courage and strength to stand up for his own self and fight for what he believes in, even if it kills him.INSIDE THE SKIN, a psychological drama set on a ...
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