Sagi Smolarski
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 88

Chiang Mai is a vacation wonderland for families where you can experience rich and exotic culture, lush nature, majestic wildlife, and the legendary hospitality of the Thai people, all this in a budget-friendly destination.This book is designed to help you plan a family trip to Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand, and to assist you with orientation while there.Created specifically for the Kindle platform, it will save you many hours researching accommodations, activities, and sights.It includes 10 maps specifically formatted for the Kindle and mobile platforms: * Thailand * Northern Thailand * Chiang Mai City Overview * Chiang Mai Center * Chiang Mai Old City * The Night Bazaar * The Mae Rim Loop * Hotels map * Doi Inthanon National Park * The Golden Triangle and Chiang RaiCheck out the top 10 attractions and sights, guaranteed to leave unforgettable memories on children and adults ...
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