Sujatha Lalgudi
Publisher: Sujatha Lalgudi
Pages: 50

**** FREE Counting book for Children (Numbers 1-20)***** FREE as part of your Prime or Kindle Unlimited membershipRead this creative children’s book on Counting numbers 1 -20 This is a great book for young children (Ages 2 - 6). Are you are looking for a counting book from One to Twenty?Then, this book might work for you.This picture book encourages children to count (1 - 20) in a fun and interesting way.Learn to count with the help of the cute animals and the food they eat.“The Squeaky mouse nibbles on ONE yellow cheese …” But what does the swinging monkey like to munch on?Can you count how many carrots the rabbit is eating?What does the baby like to eat? Children (Ages 2 – 4) can learn colors while finding out what and how many each animal in the book eats.Why, fussy eaters might just get inspired to finish their carrots and veggies!The illustrations are cheerful and bright. Playful ...
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