Sandra Hurtes
ASIN: B005P21N6S
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 146

"…On My Way to Someplace Else is a collection of essays from Sandra Hurtes reflecting on her childhood of growing up with Holocaust survivor parents. These essays have been previously published elsewhere, but here they are compiled and give readers much to appreciate through Hurtes' work. On My Way to Someplace Else is a top pick for memoir collections." Midwest Book Review---------------------------------------------------- "In this moving and bittersweet collection of very short essays, Hurtes traces the often painful process of the search for an identity in the face of a devastating and overwhelming familial history...While the library of works written by the children of Holocaust survivors is vast, Hurtes book distinguishes itself by focusing on her parents history primarily through the lens of her own story." Women In Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journai
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