Jack Humphrey
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 74

To download full version in Adobe PDF, go to http://www.jackhumphrey.com/download-bending-the-web/Internet marketing, website promotion, whatever you call it, the topic of getting traffic on the web is rife with misinformation. What's more, learning to promote your website can lead you down a rabbit hole of complicated, time-consuming marketing schemes and plans that get you nowhere and soak up all the time you need to run your business.In Bending The Web, readers will learn how to break all the rules of internet marketing and shoot to the top of the search engines without geeky, time-consuming SEO. You'll learn how to place yourself in the center of the action in your niche by borrowing traffic from very large, popular sites where your target visitors hang out.And you can become the talk of your niche in literally weeks instead of months or even years.Bending The Web is a complete ...
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