Bob Brown
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 345

"Bittersweet Revenge" is a selection of Bob Brown’s short stories. His distinctive voice resonates throughout the stories, yet each tale is unique. They encompass fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The choices his characters make at critical moments reveal their true nature, leading to pleasant, unexpected, or even miserable outcomes. Cowards, scoundrels, or heroes? All are present in this sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic collection. The stories are written to entertain and a few may be too farfetched to for real life—or are they? In "Queen for a Day" Swindell didn’t say, I’m here to steal your wife, but that is what he really meant. In "Windmill," Zeke, a Montana rancher chastises Roy for digging a well—until water is struck. Then Zeke proudly decrees, “This here well is the best id’ie I ever had.” "Mission in Trouble" is a nonfiction mystery about ...
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