Julie Morrigan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 329

All Johnny Burns ever wanted was to be in a band. When he and his best friend Tom Watson founded Heartbreaker, they realised their wildest dreams a hundred times over.If the Sixties was a naive and charming flower child, then the Seventies was her big, bad older brother; darker, more worldly, less giving … and the Eighties was his garishly-painted and promiscuous girlfriend. It’s no wonder against such a backdrop that things could become confused – and that dreams could turn to heartbreak.When Alex Weston is hired to ghostwrite a book about the life of Johnny Burns and his band – from playing down-and-dirty pubs and clubs in the Sixties, through the excesses of Seventies stadium rock to Eighties meltdown – even she isn’t prepared for the depths of excess, betrayal and guilt that she uncovers.At the heart of the Heartbreaker story lies the tragic deaths of two members of a ...
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