Lisa Erickson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 58

This small PDF style e-book offers a self-guided energy healing program for women who are survivors of sexual trauma or abuse, and was first offered on the author's blog 10 years ago. A much more robust program is available in the author's newer book out from Llewellyn Publishing, Chakra Empowerment For Women, but this small book continues to be available free to those who wish to try out her chakra work. Consisting of guided visualizations and journal exercises  focused on the chakras (energy centers) it first helps a woman release emotions and problematic energy that may have been locked in her body as the result of sexual trauma/abuse, and then helps to strengthen and open the second, or sacral, chakra, the seat of a woman's feminine power. This book is not a replacement for therapy or counseling, but may complement this work for those women interested in pursuing alternative ...
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