Jeannette Maw
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 41

Deliberate creation is not just for woo-woo folks! Every day people are leveraging the law of attraction to get what they want ... how about you? People everywhere already practice this - not just energy healers and life coaches, but athletes, executives, students, homemakers, leaders, etc. This ebook will help you manage your vibration to get what you want. A few of the things you'll learn in this ebook...1. The key to effortless manifesting2. The one time it's ok to ignore the advice you hear again and again from many LOA experts3. The addiction that prevents you from getting what you want (and how to fix it)4. You've probably heard that "nothing is more important than that you feel good"... which is true! But I'll tell you when you absolutely must ignore this advice if you want success in your manifesting5. How to handle manifesting failure6. And the most powerful habit you can ...
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