Joseph Rogers
Publisher: St. Louis Bookstore
Pages: 26

This short, lighthearted mystery play is set in the studio of a television game show called "Who Said It?" in which contestants must identify the authors of famous quotations.One of the contestants becomes angry both at the host of the game show and at his audience helper, who is unable to provide him with a correct answer at a crucial moment in the game. When the host of the show is later assaulted, this hotheaded contestant becomes the prime suspect. Joseph Rogers has written other stories, novels, and plays that are available on the Kindle.Novels and Novellas:Realm of Haden: A Space-Age FantasyMaiden of Orleans: A Bayou ThrillerThe Snow Maiden: A Suspense ThrillerMoonlight Warriors: A Tale of Two Hit MenThe Powers Unseen: A Supernatural ThrillerSentinels at the Gates: A Telepathic ThrillerTravelers of TimePlays:Child of Wonder: a modern Christmas dramaMy Friend’s ObsessionGarden ...
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