Gina Coon
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 234

Although his sister had forgiven, Andrea, the woman connected with her recent troubles, Gage Nelson couldn’t. Nobody is that naïve. But after two days of holiday events, he realizes how badly he’s misjudged her and offers an apology. Their tenuous new friendship is tested when a blizzard forces them to spend Christmas night together and she goes into labor. The profound experience of helping to bring baby into the world leaves Gage confused and yearning, forcing him to take stock of his life. And he begins to understand just how empty it is.Andrea Sims’ opinion of herself wasn’t any higher than that of her friend’s brother, but for different reasons. All her life others had chosen her path. She’s been robbed of her reputation, her dignity, and her innocence. With the birth of her child comes a spark of hope for a better future, a determination to make something of her life, for herself ...
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