Patrick Mellody
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 30

Best Selling Author Brian Tracy states:"This is a practicle book full of proven strategies you can use immediatly to get your financial life back under control." If you find yourself trying to live on a reduced income this book is for you. You need to survive and protect what you have left. You need a plan to ride out this economic storm. Bad things do happen to good people like you but you do not have to be one of the casualties of this unemployment nightmare. The real life stories in this book will ease you through the budget process. Here is what you can expect from this book: • You will have a complete understanding of where your money is going on a monthly basis• You will know exactly how much you are over/under spending in every category of life. Housing, food, auto and so on. You will also know how much you are over/under spending totally per month and what to do about it. ...
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