Reuel N. Prinzing
ASIN: B0063W6H3S
Publisher: Reuel N. Prinzing
Pages: 554

Prinzing is no doubt, a name that you have never read or heard of during your life time. Reuel N. Prinzing is not someone that has been in the limelight or public eye. So why should you read this book? Every person has interesting stories to tell about events that have happened in their life. The problem is most families do not keep historical records so the knowledge of events and stories are soon lost forever. Chapter one begins with a brief history of Reuel’s ancestors, starting with his great grandparents, immigrating to America from Germany in 1854. Chapter two begins with the date of Reuel’s birth, on May 6, 1934. Reuel was born, in Faribault, Minnesota, during the “Great Depression.” His childhood was spent in very humble surroundings. Agreeing with the time old saying, “One picture is worth a thousand words,” the book has an average of fourteen photographs in ...
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