Rose Lamatt
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Pages: 412

I blend into the walls, like other women: faceless, no expression—a dead look. I’ve lost my identity, my individuality. I no longer know myself. The other women are young, Black, Hispanic, few White, like me. If there’s a ‘me’ underneath this faceless disguise that has attached itself to my body, I want it to leave, now! After having been married with children, colonial home, belonging to golf country clubs, and divorce, at age 68, after surgery and medical bills, I had no other choice but to sign myself into a Homeless Shelter.About Author:Rose Lamatt was born on Long Island, NY, daughter of an emigrant Italian father and a mother from South Philly. She married, raised a family and lived on Long Island until moving to Florida in1985. She always had a passion for writing. Over the years she has learned that life can change in the blink of eye; and because of several ...
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