Kristine Oakhurst
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 131

Green: The Missing Horseback Rider's Guide for Keeping Your Money, Sanity, and Joy may not save your marriage, but it very well could save your horse career. Green contains 25 biting chapters on how to protect yourself in the horse world including: How to Find a Barn Being an Adult Rider Horse Crazy Kids Goal Realization Money Commitments The Real Scoop on "Horse Whisperers"and more... Plus the Bonus Chapter: "So You Don't Know What You're Doing and You Just Bought a Horse..." At the heart of the book,Green is esteemed author Kristine Oakhurst's quest to prevent you from making mistakes, burning out, and quitting horses altogether. Before you buy another piece of tack, or (gasp) another horse, first read this book because it is THE trusted guide to help you make every big and small decision weighing on a new horsewoman's mind.
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