Beauty and Holistic Studies
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 250

Do you need help passing your Anatomy & Physiology Exams? * Are you getting confused between the various hormones secreted by the Endocrine Glands?* Can you name of the muscles of the legs along with their corresponding actions?* Do you get confused with the different layers of the skin?This comprehensive revision aid is an invaluable learning and reference tool for all Anatomy and Physiology students, containing everything you need to help pass your exams. It focuses entirely on Multiple Choice Questions, the exam format of choice for the majority of accreditation bodies.Having been fully revised in line with the latest specifications for all major awarding bodies, this popular text book is being used by students all over the world in countries such as USA, Britain, Ireland, Europe, Singapore, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.Anatomy & Physiology Revision Questions is suitable ...
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