Sujatha Lalgudi
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 31

Read this magical story for children FREE as part of your Prime or Kindle Unlimited membershipOcean Animal Adventure book for kids!Go on a wonderful adventure with Vic the snake and discover the ocean world!There is never a dull moment in this action packed adventure!Watch how Vic turns into a poisonous Sea Krait and makes new friends. But some ocean animals can never be friends with Vic, especially if he was on their menu!Who could that be? Who would dare to challenge this slippery and venomous snake?Buy your copy today to find out!! Vic is a harmless grass snake and generally unhappy with his lot. He is ‘dead tired’ of playing dead when eagles search for an easy meal.Out of the blue, appears help!Lo behold! A rainbow boa fairy snake gives him a wand ...Read on to see what happens to Vic who suddenly finds himself in the Great Barrier Reef. Be it the blue-ringed highly venomous Octopus ...
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