Susan Brassfield Cogan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 210

In the South China Sea is an island protected by nine dragons. Angie Tanaka has made one of them really, really angry. Angie is running from the Hong Kong police and pays the captain of a fishing boat to take her … anywhere but here. Her only possessions are her grandfather’s sword and a fistful of stolen diamonds. When she lands on Shaolong Island she thinks she’s made good her escape with her ill-gotten gains. She thinks she’s safe. She’s heard about Shaolong’s dragons but she thinks they are a myth. She doesn’t know they can take human form. She doesn’t know that on Shaolong anyone you talk to might be a dragon. When Angie sees a mystical pearl the size of her head she finds it irresistible. True to her nature, she must steal it. And true to her usual bad luck, in the middle of the heist a kindly old woman is murdered. Angie is not a killer, but the murder was done ...
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