Leanne Owens
ASIN: B006DRR020
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 135

Filled with outback Aussie humour, the teens of Sunhaven Downs face everything life throws at them, overcoming tragedy, drought, a very annoying cousin, and really, really bad days, as they dream of one day competing for Australia on their horses.Growing up in remote outback Queensland is filled with challenges, but the teens of Sunhaven Downs manage to overcome everything thrown at them and keep on riding, loving and laughing. In this introductory book to the series, Dane, Lani, and Matthew Winter's lives centre around their horses on their family's drought stricken cattle station, Sunhaven Downs. When their city cousin, Amy King, is left there by her parents for a year and declares that she hates horses, they know that their lives are ruined. What they don't know is that Amy has a secret, a secret she is desperate to keep from her outback family. Her secret will ultimately save their ...
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4.5 stars from 106 ratings
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