Doug Olsen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 33

An enchanting adventure of a retired quantum physicist and his wise talking cat that begins world peace in the middle east by spreading the magic of love. Professor Martin, an expert in Quantum Physics, is shocked when his cat begins to talk to him. The cat told him, “God has a mission for you and it must be done today!”He wondered, ”What in the world being a professor of Quantum Physics, the study of the structure and the laws of the universe have to do with God?”The cat, Welcome told him, “In a little office in a University, in a city and a country far away from here there is a young professor of Quantum Physics. His name is Nagib. He is curious about God and spiritual things. Today you are going to go to him and teach him the great mystery of the meaning of life and the true nature of the universe. And after you teach him, he is going to bring a spiritual message to one ...
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