Ricky Sides
ASIN: B006GAE216
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Pages: 202

You’ve seen her mentioned many times throughout the peacekeeper series. Lina has played a significant role in many of the books, but there have always been unresolved issues regarding her from book one of the series onward. This book solves those mysteries.What was Lina’s last name?Where was Lina and what was she doing during the natural disasters that preceded the night of the quakes?Where was she the night of the quakes?What was her life like in the aftermath of the quakes?Why was she so adamant about going to Texas?What was she doing prior to being captured in Texas?What were the events that led to her captivity in Texas?How did Lina and Robert manage to elude the hunter team sent out by Wild Bill?How were Lina and Robert captured in Kansas?Where was Lina ranked in skill among the other fighter pilots?How did she become an escort pilot?How did Lacey’s death affect Lina? Learn the ...
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