AC Cruz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 208

The book “Newyorican” is based on a True life story of a child born and raised in Brooklyn New York. This will be an all tell book of the life story of a boy from the day he was born in Brooklyn New York in 1968 to a stripper mom who gave him away to his aunt that raised him the best she could. Getting into depth on how he grew up in a home with a step dad that was an alcoholic and a home filled with a family that practiced Espiritismo or Santeria (black magic). How life was in the East New York section of Brooklyn in the early 70's and how the Bushwick section was when he moved there in 73 when "Up Rocking" was the new thing. Without any real guidance or education the child ended up in the Marcy projects in Brooklyn. How he started hustling in the unforgiving streets of New York City and how he ran an illegal drug ring in four of New York City five boroughs. He was then forced to ...
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