Lydia Chorpening
Publisher: LIFE SENTENCE Publishing
Pages: 259

Living Out Your God-Given Dreams Beyond The Colorful Coat releases Joseph from being just one of the patriarchs found in the book of Genesis and while Joseph's actual life was threaded early into the world's history, he has a message that we must draw from now if we will raise up a Joseph generation today. This narrative of the story of Joseph's coat of many colors and the rest of his life characterizes precepts and principles relevant to the will of God in you and your family’s life. As you walk with Joseph in this study you will see him step out of the pages of ancient manuscripts to inspire and equip you to live your dreams given by the Giver of Dreams. Do you ever find yourself saying... •I don’t know what to do with my life.•I want to know my future.•Why doesn't someone understand!!•What is God’s plan for me? You’re not the only one who wants to know their ...
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