Rick Robinson
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Pages: 202

If you enjoy Rick's humor read his latest novel, Alligator Alley, and his other award winning novels! The first collection of op-ed columns by award winning novelist, Rick Robinson, finds the conservative writer ranting on the political issues issues of the day. Using his 30 years in politics, Robinson offers unique and humorous insight into politics. He's never at a loss for words or an opinion. His work can be found in the Daily Caller, One New England, NKY Magazine and numerous other national publications.Robinson on "Hanoi Jane" Fonda being kicked off the QVC Shopping Network: It is amusing that the woman who once declared that she wanted America to move to a socialist system is now whining that the country’s capitalist market is not working for her personally. She probably needs to rethink her outrage.Robinson on the Occupy Wall Street Movement: And, of course, what would a ...
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