Lillian Francken
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 151

A Family Christmas Story - dysfunction family holiday from the author of Omega Factor and TetrisA Family Christmas Story is a romantic comedy about a families dysfunctional Christmas celebration.Megan Montgomery works in Chicago and is faced with her boyfriend, Robert Murphy wanting to meet her family over the Christmas holiday. Given her families dynamics, she is reluctant to subject him at such a chaotic time of the year. Unknown to her Robert is planning to ask her to marry him on New Years Eve, but first wants to ask her father for her hand in marriage.Robert is not deterred by Megan’s reluctance for him meeting her family and surprises Megan by joining her on her flight home. She is unprepared for him meeting her dysfunctional family. But love conquers all in the end.It’s a story everyone can relate to given most family relationships.A few reviews follow:As I read this book I ...
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