J. Michael Radcliffe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 132

An ancient evil has returned to threaten the world of magic and mortal alike. Keegan Whitestone has become the Guardian - protector of the magical barrier known as the Veil - but he cannot yet control his powers. He must find and destroy the legendary Bloodstone, a jewel used by the powerful necromancer, Sava, to ensnare and devour the souls of others. In a bid to save the soul of the woman he loves, Keegan faces a terrible choice.'Bloodstone - The Guardian's Curse' is a twenty chapter novella of 32,000 words, and is the sequel to 'The Guardian's Apprentice'.Also included are the short stories 'Forsaken' and 'Scale of a Dragon' as well as the never before published short story 'Inner Daemon'.
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4 stars from 10 ratings
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