Jamilah Yusef
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 189

Melissa Grainer has just entered her first year of middle school and it is going to be one crazy year! Join her as she guides her fellow students through the world of middle school and beyond. Whether it's a warning of the dangers of eating blue snow or creating a secret language, this hilarious guide to middle school has it all!Rule #1 – Remember That Sometimes It’s a Good Thing Not to Be NoticedRule #2 – Come Up with Your Own Secret LanguageRule #3 – Don’t Believe in StereotypesRule #4 – Patience is a Good Thing…I ThinkRule #5 – Eat a Healthy BreakfastRule #6 – Never Have a Picnic in a GraveyardRule #7 – Know How to Pull a Great PrankRule #8 – When in Doubt, Wear RedRule #9 – Never Eat Blue SnowRule #10 – Take a Shower Every DayRule #11 – Know How to Pull Another Great Prank Rule #12 – Take a VacationRule #13 – Don’t Eat Gray Ice CreamRule #14 – Be ...
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