Don P. Bick
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 254

What awaits us beyond the veil of death? Or is death the ultimate ending? Camran discovers the answer to these questions, at least when it comes to his existence and that of a number of others. In this, Book I of Lotus Isle, Camran finds himself in a land of mystery and magic. It’s a strange and beautiful world that is on the verge of descending into a land of evil darkness, unless he and the others are successful in their quest to find the magical bridge. If this bridge can be found and its secrets unlocked, then death and darkness will be banished forever.Camran and six companions set out on a quest for this illusive bridge. The Oracle of the Forth Order is their guide. Life in this strange world is wondrous and yet filled with unknown dangers. This group of seven must overcome all obstacles and difficulties, including death itself, in order to reach a successful conclusion to their ...
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