Inge H. Borg
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 465

Forbidden Love. Lust for Gold and Power. Wrath of the Devil Wind.The joyous birth of Nefret, Royal Daughter of Egypt's First Dynasty, is overshadowed by her mother's death, and King Aha's suspicion he may not have fathered her.The young princess’s education is left to Ramose, High Priest of Ptah, who vies for control over his weak Horus-King—as does the vile Vizier. Each man takes full advantage of the Two Lands' warfare with its southern neighbors.Nefret’s forbidden love for the surgeon priest Tasar and a deadly feud with her half-brother thrusts her into conflict with the strict laws of ma'at, a transgression punishable by death.As the khamsin rages over the Two Lands, the many who seek to kill Nefret are pitted against the few who hope to save her.Readers have praised this award-winning novel as “An Epic Story of Power and Intrigue,” its writing as “Simply luscious.” While this ...
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