Edie Ramer
Publisher: Blue Walrus Books
Pages: 55

Some people will do anything for the perfect address...Ghost therapist Cassie Taylor is hired to get rid of a ghost haunting an upscale Chicago condo. But the elderly resident doesn't want her gentlemanly apparition to leave. She loves him and he loves her.Too bad her grandson and his fiancée insist either the ghost goes - or she goes.Too bad she'd signed the deed to the condo to her grandson to help him avoid inheritance taxes.Too bad the fiancée has plans of her own.Throw in a pretty neighbor, a dirty family scandal, and Cassie's very new, very sexy and sometimes very grumpy husband, and anything can happen...even murder.**This Haunted Hearts short story is a sequel to Dead People, but you don't need to have read Dead People to enjoy it** * * * Other Books by Edie RamerRescued Hearts BooksHEARTS IN MOTION (Book 1 - FREE!)CHRISTMAS AT ANGEL LAKE (Book 2)CRAZY SEXY LOVE (Book ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 34 ratings
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3.5 stars from 1 rating