United Church of God
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The publisher offers this ebook for free at ucg.org/booklet/you-can-understand-bible-prophecyWhere can you find answers for an uncertain world?The answers have been waiting for you all along. They're in the pages of the Bible.By studying Bible prophecy, you can learn crucial information about future prophetic events - the time of the end.Whether you are unsure of the value of the Bible's prophecies or regard them with deep respect, this Bible Study aid, "You Can Understand Bible Prophecy", is meant to help you accurately understand Bible prophecy.We want you to see the true scope of prophecy - how it links mankind's past, present and future. Learn how a knowledge of prophecy can provide you with a balanced perspective and the details of God's wonderful plan for humanity.Chapters in this ebook:-- Why Prophecy?-- The Fundamentals of Bible Prophecy-- Jesus Christ's Life and Death in ...
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