Philip Hartnett
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 299

"Home seemed a long way away..."Three teenage brothers from a country town are drawn into a journey of danger and discovery when they chase an odd little creature into a world very different from their own – Eldengard, a land where both good and evil wear strange faces.The boys learn much about courage, integrity and faith in this beautiful but often hostile place. Through the trials of a task that seems too big for them, they discover that Someone loves and guides them - even though they were often unaware of His presence. They also find that things do not always work out as they had expected.There's not just a challenge for the three brothers, there's one for keen readers as well! Many of the names of people and places in the novel are anagrams to be deciphered, revealing a deeper level of Christian allegory under the action and adventure. You can find the clues at the back of the ...
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