Brock Deskins
ASIN: B006UY82K0
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 381

Physically and emotionally battered and exhausted, Azerick seeks to claim a home where he can live in peace and achieve some form of tranquility that has eluded him for most of his life. Even something as simple as that comes with complications. His choice of a new home is a tower haunted by a spectre that grieves for her murdered children. Tired of resorting to violence to resolve every conflict, Azerick has an idea to placate the mournful spirit, one that requires him to take on an apprentice, and that creates an entirely new set of problems. Azerick may be done with death, but death is far from finished with him. An enemy he had hoped to have left behind seeks to destroy him by sending an assassin of untold ability and evil to avenge the death of his son. The Rook will stop at nothing to fulfill his gruesome contract, even if it means killing everyone who gets in his way. Duke ...
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