Patrick Mercer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 73

'A storyteller who knows the humour, the fear and the frenzy of men in battle.' - Bernard CornwallAfghanistan. 1880. A bloodied but unbowed young medic must fight in a war that will test both his courage and conscience to its very limits. Despite his own wound, despite the howling tribesman hounding his every step back to the walls of Kandahar, he will not forsake the injured soldiers and victims of battle who he has sworn to treat and protect. The most difficult to save of all though is Alisha Kahn, the beautiful and enigmatic fighting queen - shot down as she led the Afghans against the British and brought to the dressing station by Private 'Posh' Williams, the gentleman ranker. Her warrior brothers want to save her, whilst the retreating troops can see no reason why she should live.The terror and nobility of the events fought across blood-soaked desert sands – culminating in the ...
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